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Golden Tree Tarot

"The Balancer" - 10 Piece Crystal Point Set

"The Balancer" - 10 Piece Crystal Point Set

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"The Balancer" - Crystal Point Set is a collection of 10 exquisite crystal towers carefully selected to support balancing your energy centers.

Experience the Power of Each Crystal:

  • Clear Quartz: The ultimate amplifier, it magnifies your intentions
  • Red Jasper: Ignites your passion and revitalizes your life force
  • Rose Quartz: Embrace self-love, compassion, and unconditional affection
  • Citrine: Invite prosperity, joy, and abundance into your life
  • Tiger Eye: Ground yourself, gain clarity, and boost your courage
  • Aventurine: Nurture your heart's desires and welcome new opportunities
  • Amazonite: Encourage truth, emotional healing, and open-hearted expression
  • Lapis Lazuli: Elevate your intuition and connect with inner wisdom
  • Amethyst: Find serenity, spiritual growth, and balance
  • Labradorite: Ignite your innate magic and embrace transformation


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