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Golden Tree Tarot

White/Red Sage and Palo Santo Bundles

White/Red Sage and Palo Santo Bundles

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Elevate your space with our exquisite selection of cleansing bundles, each offering unique and powerful benefits:

  • Red Sage Bundle: Experience the invigorating energy of our Red Sage Bundle. Traditionally used by indigenous cultures, Red Sage carries a robust aura-cleansing essence. Its smoky aroma refreshes and revitalizes, while its purifying properties help dispel negativity and restore balance to your surroundings. Ignite a Red Sage bundle to cleanse, uplift, and infuse your space with renewed vitality.
  • White Sage Bundle: Purify and restore harmony with our White Sage Bundle. Revered for its centuries-old cleansing ritual, White Sage envelops your space in its soothing smoke, removing stagnant energies and fostering clarity. Its calming aroma promotes relaxation, and its cleansing properties make it an ideal choice for dispelling negativity and welcoming positivity. Embrace the timeless tradition of White Sage to create an atmosphere of serenity and renewal.
  • Palo Santo Bundle: Ignite the transformative energy of our Palo Santo Bundle. Sourced sustainably from sacred wood, Palo Santo's fragrant smoke is believed to cleanse, protect, and bring blessings to its surroundings. With its distinct sweet and woody aroma, Palo Santo uplifts your space while enhancing meditation and spiritual connection. Let the essence of Palo Santo purify and elevate your environment, inviting a sense of tranquility and spiritual clarity.

Choose the cleansing bundle that resonates with your intentions, and embark on a journey of positive energy, renewal, and well-being.


Each bundle is aproximately 10cm/3.94 inches long.

Estimated Delivery: 29 days

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